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Related article: Date : Tue, 7 May 8, 2004 24th 45 1000 From: Yengo TPG. com,. au Subject : Belle channels 1 to 15 ( complete) [TG ] BELLE Jennifer Bowman CHAPTER 1 Robert and I dated for about six months and during that time our comfort each other had grown enormously. for some time, when we were always together, I made him walk around naked in our respective homes, he was always fully clothed. I also was training him, and use that word, do something, and you will receive a reward that I Preteen Pedo was training a pleasure for him was obvious joy for him, But the ultimate goal was my pleasure. Selfish ? Indeed. The day started normally in the same way: After my dress, I had left, naked in bed. Sometimes I have tied to the bed - the head, sometimes not. depended on what I wanted to do. I caress it, if it was full awake and approach, I stop. So I ask you to do something, I knew it was going to do, and I would start Stroking again. Returning to close , I stopped again. So I ask you to do something, do not think that if I do that, maybe cleaning the oven. As he said, 'No,' he said, ". Moment wrong answer game is the time to work, but let's do it again tomorrow morning, if you like... " He always has been "blessed " in the hope I suppose that the next time I went to get it right. The next morning, I fondle with and then stops, and I hope to ask him to do so refused to do before, I ask you to do something different this time Maybe my laundry dirty inside. And the same would happen: Preteen Pedo usually used to say 'No' and so the season was over. But gradually got the message : " Yes," and he comes, " No," and it does not. Sometimes no stroking his penis, I would play with his balls. Then, as he had been moan for about 10 minutes, I pet him once or twice. "Will you come " " God, yes. " " Well, then.... I want to know that... " and I 'll tell you what WanteI would do a. If he said no, this time, instead of saying ' Playtime in the " I would start work in the balls again. But at some point, sometimes playing time would be over. until, of course, he learned that "Yes" and it, select 'No' and did not. There was also an important incentive : I also I have for my pleasure. Please tell me enough and may come. This means that if we have sex, Preteen Pedo can not come to me three or four or five times or more and have culminated in the tongue and penis. The number of times I climax, I can not say him, just Preteen Pedo say " more. " and even if you run out and can no for the most part I can not get it yet. "I'm too tired to make you, "I say to. Sometimes, if I did, I stroked the first dip ", and goes, but not completely. It's amazing what you will do, and how fast, by the way I could get. It's a good guy, and getting better. I had Preteen Pedo trained him well, a ball stretcher and weights, and every week I get most of the Wei DynastyGHT. He could do now, very comfortable, almost a pounds. His reward ? The more you take, the more I could come. was naked, devoid of all body hair, including his genitals. naked bald head and gave me free access to the bits to be embraced and how and when wants. Liquid Sun. This, plus the weights depend on the sphere framework and the refusal of meaning even woke him. He has not come to climax that often, n maybe a week to ten days, but the times in lay between, for me, heaven, because if I wanted him to lick my feet, that give me a massage that would be on me, he would be there all the time, I can play with him and he might think that this time... This might be of his time. Do something for me and you will receive a reward. I called Pleasure Preteen Pedo " and denial. " You can imagine what is called I also had to carry the stretcher and weight all day every day except When I I could lose weight. This means, from Preteen Pedo and to and from work. am sure that some of thethe women who worked could say he was awakened, and he was flirted shamelessly with him, just to keep the edge. was, above all, we now know, because I was, as usual, full dress and Robert to see completely naked, was tied to the bed. He was not, this time n, carried the stretcher and weights and his chest and stroking the legs. Then he pulled out his penis and testicles with a small change whip ball that had made the laces. The little plastic ends had left lace, the little extra " Ouch. " Each time you use the whip Roberts penis seemed, it was my imagination? slightly larger, is just a little more difficult. Every time I took it in my hand felt filled as a piece of wood or steel. Now he complained loudly, you might think a neighbors? and his penis was leaking pretty amazing. Just way I liked my men, releasing naked, erect and strong. had been asked to leave me a while to come to him, but every time you press n toHe said : ".. you're not ready yet," " Yes, I am ", had said and I ignore it and I keep enjoying with his body and helps you enjoy now. , Enjoy some in then finally succumbed. " Would you come ? " " God, yes. " " OK. I am selling one hand, and you can do yourself. But you have come to massaging balls. you can not even stroke. " " OK. I do not care how I get as long as I arrived. " So I opened my hand left, his Preteen Pedo weaker hand and sat down to watch. It s not long before I had removed his pants and Preteen Pedo masturbated while watching a him, stroking his balls... " ? Keep coming," I said " Sssoooooooonnnn " and worked his balls with his left hand and then after a while : " Rob ". n " Hmmm ? " " Some of my friends want to know, so I'm sitting here with a lunch with Saturday and we want you to come. Would you like that ? " " mmmmmm ? Yeeesss. " " Oh, well. " And it was good because, although he did not know, but also " coming " for lunch, which isOn the other hand, "Come " is the way it was trying to do now. And then a little later : " Rob". " Mmmmm ? " N "It seems that we will not stop playing to get away with yourself and start playing me. " " Oh. " " what do you say ' oh' ? " " Wa.. Oh. I'm sorry. I knew I would not play Preteen Pedo with you, I thought I n wants to play me. " ". Well, like I said, it seems that they will not come if it was, would not do it now. " after a long pause. " Yes, I think so. " " Well, then... " and I quickly undressed and climbed into bed and pulled up the enthusiasm of his s, and together we be running through the finish line, making it the first time, , then picked me up and gave him then he grabbed me and then it s time together that.... ugh.... ugh.... that.... ugh.... that.... that.... We... ready.... Toge -e -e- etheeeer..... uuhhuuuhhhhmmmm. cuddled together later recovered, I asked if it was okay to come to for lunch. " Yes, of course. Why ? " " Well, you will be the only man there. " " Oh. ""But you'll have fun. The girls want to meet, but usually when a of our birthday, we are all together and the girl who gets the last friend to invite him. He is always the only man. Is a kind of " Trial by Girl '. If you like to relax in a group of ten girls and yet they are accepted into the group. And the girl invited to. And the rules say that if the man refuses to go to lunch, then the relation will have to stop with the girl. In other words, if n denies all over. " " Well, if you like you can hardly refuse, right? " " Oh, there's one more thing. You have to be naked. " " Excuse me? "And he turned and looked at me. " Girls are attracted to, but you are naked. Nude. Nude. No clothes. It is called CFNM. Dressed in women, or women, naked men. What occurs when a group of women to go see male strippers. We dressed and the boys naked. Just as we were since we met. I dressed, andou naked. You will like it, right? See everything that was already in a group of girls? Most of the guys who take the opportunity. " " Well, uh.... It just surprised me a little, that's all. However, Yes, - eh - I like to come... eh... go... uh.... be there.... HE... whatever. " " Well, " I said again, and I was still hot, he began again to see how much I can get what could grow. As it turned out, on the whole much more.. and.. for quite some time. This Preteen Pedo time it arrived. can not be happy all the time, right? BELLE Jennifer Bowman CHAPTER 2 the following Saturday, when we're ready for lunch, Robert, was, like usual, naked and erect, and yet he had shaved and showered. I had sent n during the week for a full body wax with a Brazilian. had with a wax since I met him and I had organized the lunch, so following continued growth. and was so smooooth. in everywhere. n "I want girlssee what I have to deal with, " I said when you play a stroke. " Let them see everything you have, nothing is hidden by the hair. Authorities jealous, "he said. Smiled embarrassed and I am sure, with pride. Not every day that a guy wants his girlfriend to show their bits hanging with his friends. \\ \\ n With time approached I saw that Robert was nervous. " do not worry. Only one group of girls. Now, young women. They have see naked men before. Although some of them can not always see is as large as you "and squeezed my testicles. " Well, I'll end here you shave and shower and dress and do not! Oh, and put some that the new body spray you bought. " The girls began to arrive, while Robert was in the shower and when he appeared there was a sudden silence. I could see he was going so fast that I was ashamed to him. " Ladies "I said, suddenly embarrassed. "This is Robert.... and this is your friend.... and his friends are friends, " , and I cupped his penis and what the girls to see Preteen Pedo his balls. "I believes that all know each other Preteen Pedo at lunch. " Robert looked at me and raised his eyebrows. " Do not worry", I ", she whispered. ".... Enjoyment. Well, " I said, he turned to the group, " we can get.... you something ? " there was a sudden burst of laughter, and everyone relaxed. " I am what I you just have, "said someone, Preteen Pedo and there was more laughter. In addition, Robert laughed. When he and I worked in the room, handing out drinks and snacks vi Robert first, then the other women Preteen Pedo up and then said something like " and I'm very happy and meet your friends friends of friends "as she stroked his penis and testicles. and he was very, very errect. There was not much he could do, and it was delivered \\ \\ n drinks for our customers, and his hands were full. I could see it was quite surprised by the, uh... friendly.... these women were. it was not long before that Robert was relaxed, even though his penis was, and led hectaresª on hand around the room. As happened to me was breathing hard and asked if he was enjoying himself. " God, yes. But with all this manipulation, I do not know how long I pass. They do not know what they do for me? " smiled. " Of course I do. You're not the first man to some of the food , you know. But do not worry. That is controlling. You are not come until they are ready. " "What? " "Enjoy," he said, and had my own sense of his erection and moved away before n You I could ask another question. My, but it was hard. "Time for lunch, girl, " I said. "Somewhere to sit, while Robert and I lunch. " How can we serve and reach girls stroking the penis cupped Roberts his balls in its path. I realized that I had dropped for some time and had been waiting for a response from one of the girls. It was Angela, n, as she stroked the tip of the penis, said Robert " lean over " and when he bent over on the thumb placed over the mouth and said, "leakage". When he did, s, Preteen Pedo said: "Be Likee " and his hand on his penis then returned to the mouth of his s more of their juice. This time there needs to be told and I looked astonished when he nearly swallowed his thumb in his desire to be something to get his own juice. "is not at the moment.... "Angela said, ".... However, , there is more than being in a moment. Someone 's going to eat. " And he turned away from him, to talk to one another. When Robert and finally sat down to our own lunch, I realized that the Preteen Pedo two in women each next to it I enjoyed it, I knew it was very slow stroked his penis, squeezing the eggs from the other, and I rudely wait. Apart from its use, that they were ignoring, talking to other n the table, so to try and Robert, a conversation with Brenda that sat before him. I could see it was not easy for him because, the meantime, was very agitated and crashed against their own juice. if I did not know which was controlled by the experts, I have asked, for example, for much longerI could take. But I knew all the afternoon, when the girls wanted to it. And then came the time of the birthday cake. After the candles off out, Robert was up and stroked my penis slightly in the center of the The space, the singing of "Happy Birthday". When it was over, I said " And now, Jane, it's time for your birthday. " I feel, look, Robert, were in search of gift you give Jane. When he reached us, I said "Happy Birthday, Jane n all of us, but especially for me. I'm sure you're ready to enjoy it. " And I took her hand and placed Roberts penis in her and we all applauded. " Go Girl can see. Time do it"..... and.... "Shoot Let's see how far you can add to.... ".... I have heard, Robert, very quiet, for example, "What? " As he knelt before him, I heard moans and Robert thought I heard him say " Oh, yes, please. me down " but I was not sure, but then I saw Jane look up and smile and heard him say :.. " Soon, but not too soon want to enjoy n, myself well. It's my birthday and I enjoy my gift. " When he began to fondle his penis and testicles in the room moved have to get a Preteen Pedo better view. I was a little jealous other woman driving na Robert, however, I remembered my own birthday, just before Robert and press was almost identical situation, I think it was a friend of Barbara. noticed that Jane had stopped stroking Robert 's penis and was in the concentration of testicles. She began to caress them, like Robert I s breasts fondled, but now they had made a circle with thumb and forefinger around in the scrotum at the top of his balls and was shot down. hardware. and squeezing at the same time. going again, then pull. I thought it was Preteen Pedo , scrotum and balls out of his body was so difficult to achieve Robert n, however, took it, so if you are raped, he was enjoying the pain. and then stopped and began slapping it moved from the back the front then, oscillating when they stopped, they would meet again, not hARD , but heavy enough for me to see Rob wince every time I met him. And then we have pulled his balls again, and when to take your ball, now she stroked his penis, once, twice, then made ​​his pace has not changed to his balls. And then again on his penis, only this time keep a some more and then stop again and hits his Preteen Pedo balls. is the absolute silence of the group around the table, watching, the table before him, saw Jane alternated between slapping puling Roberts walked and then occasionally stroking his penis. It was at the end began to move his penis in search of a hand or mouth of a rabbit or a to help you lose and I realized Jane was even begins awakened. Since all were. There will be some interesting moments of the night, I s thought. And now she is constantly working Preteen Pedo on his penis while working on his balls, but his Preteen Pedo hand was slow on his penis, the extent of Roberts pleasure I'm sure, was the joy of Janealways work, as Robert was. was then changed his position, move to the page of Robert and I knew it was preparing for the finals, the highlight of the series and Robert peak. She wanted the girls the best view and Preteen Pedo did not want for each of the juices from Robert on her dress. And now, the girls started with singing " pick it up. Let's see, to shoot. Take it. Let's see, shoot. Getting...... " and now his hand moved faster, faster, and Robert was its move hand, and her breathing was heavy and continued to fondle Jane and Robert was Preteen Pedo moving faster and faster, and Jane came, injected was everywhere, my, how he came and cheered the girls clapping, shouting, "Well done " and "Happy Birthday " and shot him yet, and broke even touched yet, but more slowly than he is now detained injected and slowly stroked it, and finally stopped and then picked up the hand that was covered in cream in the mouth and Roberts SAIdentification of the " Fuck you clean" and did so and got more of his penis and said, "leakage" and y did, continued, continued, until everything was gone. BELLE Jennifer Bowman CHAPTER 3 Later in the afternoon Preteen Pedo after the girl was gone, I went to the room Robert s. "I'm so darn cool to see you this afternoon, now I turn, " I said. Surprisingly, it was hard a lot faster Preteen Pedo than I thought it would be, and I must confess, it was not long at all. Then, not too long after it began, the always amazing Robert was tough, but s the time it took more time and it was wonderful, like Roberto, was always. As were recovering together, my thoughts turned to evening and my View Angela, later, Robert Jane, her juices of his company 's hands s. I had not tried that with Robert, but I had all my other friends. Then I thought of the evening, I realized I had the solution to my problem. Ihas tried, since I work with Robert, as found in the is a dress. In the past it was relatively easy. With Robert, he could not to find the best way. Now I know. He liked it cum get it to use the all the time and the rest will follow. Now that I had solved my dilemma, I slept very fast, very relaxed. BELLE Jennifer Bowman CHAPTER 4 First time I met Robert on a Friday night, when my friends and I together to drink after work. In general, it was just us girls, very occasionally, or put some of us would a guy at work or a brother or a cousin. even someone brought an old friend - was one of the other girls grabbed n in about two seconds. "All the meat and potatoes," said one girl. But this night was the culmination of what had been two or three weeks, ready to make the eyes across a crowded room, no one, the the first for fear of rejection. First impressions ca fool at times, but in this case I have I think it would. It seemed like everything I saw in a man : we were both barefoot at the same height, skill, high cheekbones, her, skin soft and smooth and thick, lush hair was styled in n oh so many ways. Sue Ellen, a friend of mine saw that I was looking for and it was looking back and saying, " He could be just the thing for you, Jen Someone can..... mold. " And they gave me a wide smile. You know how I like my men. In a dress. " He looks familiar. I know ? " I asked. " Mmmm. Do not think so, if you're counting on him not, stared recent weeks is called. But you probably want it. If you me understand. "and raised an eyebrow. "Work would be interesting.... " And smiled again. not impressed. In the past, when one of my friends tried to me, along with a guy does not work, I think mainly because the guy thinks the girl is desperate andTherefore, it is the promise. perhaps with some girls, but certainly not me. I like the carefully, and I 'm very picky. But this time.... something.... So I said to myself " Why not ? " Y time, so that was when I was at the bar approached him and " Gee, Preteen Pedo I'm sorry... " " No, sorry... " No, I am... "N " I know ", said the two together and then" No, but I "and realized what he had said and said, " What is corny pick-up line is someone has given you ? " " The One " and we laughed and then said : " I will turn this back then the boys.... will give you something to drink ? " And, of course. And that's how I met Robert. Sue - Ellen was right. I Robert thought it was wonderful, and yes, it was hard for someone No mold. We danced and had to my house and gave me a kiss on the cheek and he s, he said, almost shyly : "I had a wonderful evening.... with you. I ask.... We can do it again? " So we did. And now, six months later I had more of a visionnd more than he yum more frequently and increasingly more of his body, but not to be able to find a way to get him in a dress. All Preteen Pedo my usual Preteen Pedo tricks does not seem appropriate, and I thought it would be my first failure. I was not with the idea that impressed, because I had my friends in the conversion of my friends for some time, perhaps four or five years. It happens at every opportunity, our relationship had been flourished, apparently the heat much more between us, when using initiated a dress and I had helped him become more and more female and thus women. He was dressed in a suit of more and more regularly, then to live with me full time as a woman, and therefore, in some cases, changes in the work instead could work full time as a woman then, at some point would be in the course of our relationship must meet Preteen Pedo my " girlfriend", a boy and thus for us would be over, but for them.... And what would and would continue to live as a woman, and has boyfriends, and.... Sometimes I wondered why I bothered y teach beautiful women who became, as I knew, will probably lose some.... studies. But the most surprising to me was when we met, no , to all my friends have it as a dress, then increasing number of women and, finally, with a male lover. Now, as women, all that was destined to play, long, short, thin, thick, no matter o the extent that it was Hahn - and got the cream, this cream wonderful, wonderful it is. Most could not get enough. And so it is not sexually frustrated sex life was great, but emotional. Why I could not figure out how to get to Robert in a dress ? if I realized that probably lost, was a challenge to get in a dress. And finally the solution. In the past I had my men in dresses is then trained to become women and then, as night follows day, the interest n cock and cream that comesoutside it. This time, I Try it in reverse: get Robert interested in the cream then take a in a dress. BELLE Jennifer Bowman CHAPTER 5 The next morning we were both excited yet, I looked at Jane enjoy with Robert, Robert has fun with the hands and Jane each one of us, last night, Preteen Pedo enjoying each other, so we went again. if were finished, we were both very tired and is the smell of sex - the cum and my pussy cream - filled the room. I wanted him inside me again felt so gooooood that I may in a porn video, we begin to see, had changed few days before. The situation - dare I call it a story - ended and another starts, this time with two guys. Funny about that! And then I realized his Preteen Pedo glue to strengthen and increase. I was not near him and he was not play with him, he was still in bed - the head attached. " Like what you see? " " What do you mean ? " "two guys on the screen. " " Why do you think would be interested in knowing what they are doing ? " " Preteen Pedo n Which of your penis is doing. " And he looked down. And he complained. N " you are interested ? " I asked how I began to stroke easily. " Do you mean that caresses me ? " " No, I know you're always there for me Carrera interested. What I was asking is, would you like to see what they do. I think you have to concerned, because this guy started out as this great Fella. And you touch. " " Now.... Most guys do not really think of two types together forever out. Do you? Do you think other women? " " Do you ever fantasize about being with another woman? Have " " Yes " " Absolutely. I have not done, but I think it would be great. Walk upon them after going down on me. But he should have a bald head, " " How " " How I can not shave, wax, but preferably, to my knowledge, a Brazil. Shaving would be nice, but a bit hairy. Actually, when for the first time cided that was shaved and I think that by shaving brush over my clit was what I can tell ? Absolutely fan- bloody - tastic ! Mmmmm. But I had to shave too often, so I chose a wax. But what Do you? What happens after exercise, in the showers, the change in the n space. No guys check on each other ? Compare the sizes? See if you see that ? " " God does not. If we get caught looking at a couple of guys would not be a hell Dick play. " " Especially if you see something you like ! But what is here at home n. What do you know about these people ? Now go ? Beautiful meat? Close your eyes and sleep. " looked at me strangely. " Come on. Close your eyes while you stroke. " " Now.... " And a little later: " One of these cocks in their hands have caress ? As I caress ? " " Now.... " " Do not be shy, Robert. What do you think ? If you were a woman he wants to play with one of these queues ? Or both ? Or aspire to one of them? o so much? " a long pause, then slowly" I do not know. Maybe. Preteen Pedo Probably. " " Tell me what you like. What excites you ? " had not been arrested, stroked it gently, and now was complaining \\ \\ s easy, and then finally closed his eyes. "Um.... so do both. " " Imagine you're a woman and tell me what you like about them. " ".... now is so I do not know.... so big and look like it felt good in my hands and if I had one in my mouth, I would fill n and its balls, so full and heavy.... that looks like it could take all night n and I am.... Oh, God, it feels so good.... Oh, you feel so good so big, so hard , and what you do for me..... n " do not think he realized what he had said and I could not break and mood. And then they say he said, " Oh, my God, let me suck," I have my finger in his mouth. I breathed, ate then, muffled, I heard : "Oh, thank you" and began to move his lips on my finger. I broke the one hand, he said, " feel your balls go sood, so big, so full. " " Lick the end of my cock, "he whispered, then, as he licked my fingers so I :" Now, as.... Now take everything in their mouths.... Now it really works.... Your lover wants to come.... But you do not know what will but.... because you like the taste of cock.... is so large, and strong.... It fills you.... It is so great and wonderful they are in.... You want that damn Beac... but I also want to come.... in the mouth They are very excited to come.... and if you do drink that gives you everything.... Now he is moving in the mouth faster and faster.... not be able to control.... Can not be control.... He comes, comes... " This whole time it was collected caressing and Robert, as did his cum and feeds it to him, and " swallowing his come " and when n clean my finger in her mouth and licked it, it \\ \\ and I continued to stroke him and feed him and then happened was, I was exhausted and all of its input wdisappeared. Later, when a more relaxing time, this time outside on the porch, , a little ashamed that I and huddled as close as I could to to realize that I was outside I would not said, "You know, that was a is the sexiest things I've seen or heard you say you do. that talks about being with another man. Well sucking the penis of her lover, fingers. it made me so hot, so humid. to listen, I want you n to me, but I did not want to spoil the mood. were but, I know,I love it! were not you ? a loving act ? you have to be. God, I envied the last half hour or so. to suck his penis. I was just going to suck , but I did not want to spoil it for you by you. have to do over again. Please, can we do this again ? Would you like to be with.... it was it would you like to.... be with him, what do you think ? " There was a Preteen Pedo long pause while he thought about it then an embarrassed smile y hesitant.. " Yes, it would be very good, but... I thought I would throw out. You know that saying all this to, uh, Rusty.... Finger. "There was a long pause, then" I have no idea where that comes from out. I always thought that would be rude to a man, but now.... perhaps no. " " Well, "he said. " What? "N " I mean, well you're okay with that imagination and good is right with for another session like that. " There was a long pause and then said : " I think I want to... I mean.... I it, I like that. Fantasizing and again. "NY this time his smile was broader, more relaxed. " What if I am on the internet in the coming days and see if you can Here are some pictures of cocks and then examined and can you can tell me what you like and what you can do. " I looked and then said, " You're not really true in this, " " If you knew, " thought and said," Well, it's just a fantasy, no What 's up? It is your imagination, what you and Paul, and my imagination Clock with another man. I know you really do not.... You see, , but.... Hear about another man.... God, it was so sexy. that s me soooo wet. So, yeah, I guess you could say I was getting into it. So.... What do you mean ? Would you like to search the Internet ? " looked at me and smiled. " Why not ? "I said. BELLE Jennifer Bowman CHAPTER 6 The next time you talk on the phone was almost the first of what he is saying \\ \\ me "not good photos on the web is not ? " I had, but I said" no, not yet. Lots of pictures, but not what I think you enjoy. " He would laugh or a sigh, but still, he would say," Well, keep looking , you will not? " " Oh, yes, I will keep looking. I wish all I can see, but probably a different reason. had " I found, in fact, several excellent Web sites that also had images of transsexuals of God were beautiful, but I wanted to build anticipation of Robert, so that when he arrived the time, He would be muchmore.... flexible. The following weekend, so the weekend after his trip to, say , alternative sex was as good as it ever was, but I controls our sex, so that no unusual fantasies and so I was able to enjoy your cock. Whenever the question arose, I said I would not have as much as I had time I would, but next week, "I will be able to spend more time with the search," and seemed than satisfied. I have sought and continue until the time came this weekend, I had a lot of of sites, but only two, maybe three, I wanted to show him. A n had a couple of pictures of transsexuals transsexual women absolutely gorgeous with large characters and beautiful lines, what I thought to fall into the accidentally " Oh, sorry Robert, I do not know Preteen Pedo how there "and do his response. I have not told that he was masturbating in the images of the Preteen Pedo tail, presenting a in me, with my own very private fantasy, which would have been his cruel. Then, finally, who were infront of the computer, got dressed and, as always, Robert naked. "Ready ? " I asked. ", what do you think, " " I know you're ready for sex What I meant was:. Are you ready to see, I checked the photos ? " and click on the first Preteen Pedo page. Like all other submitted hit, short, long, thin, thick, cut, cut, and all nations United - mistakenly drive. "What do you think? " Suddenly, he was shy. " I... ahhh.... " " What is included ? Would you handle it, come help ? " " Ahhh... " " well, my sweet. If I did not have to play with you, I could drive safely n ,.... that. in fact, I think, do you like that one too, because \\ \\ n guess what... " and took his erection. "I think we should do else with these hands will want to treat and that tonight, dear, is not simply " n together And so his hands were tied behind the chair. "Now we see how hard it can only see all the beautiful tails. And they are beautiful, right? " Y I gave bOveralls and a tease of the tail light. " I would not say they were........ well," he said, and seemed to have some difficulty speaking ".... but.... something about them. " " Yes, "I whispered, approaching her ear, " which are waiting time mouth. was not like that one bother you ?, rubbed on your lips, and only in the case of swallowing, it takes her lover away from you Oh, look... girl... What... that... with the co n my ​​boys.... ?... my God breasts are beautiful, not beautiful, " there was a silence and then said, ".. Yes, Yes, they are, if you hide the tail No one would think that these were real women. they are fantastic. " u003e their movements, I could see his obvious emotion. "How can you to make love with one of these women? " Preteen Pedo I asked lightly as he began to fondle his penis. " I... uh... would be.... interesting. " "What would you do? Would you stroke and Preteen Pedo suck the breasts," I asked as I stroked in the penis. " I... uh.... yes.... I would. " ", who was stroking and sucking their pe... I guess they call their clitoris. Do you suck and fondle her clitoris ? " " I... eh... yes... I would. " " Would you like to suck her clit ? " I asked, as I scratched the teat with a fingernail. " Stupid question. Of course I knew it would suck the clitoris. So if you do a good job with the girls on the screen.... that.... so.... could.... get.... Lucky you ! " His eyes lit up, which was on and suddenly there is more enthusiasm. In describing what he saw to do with any of the transsexual that appeared to be more difficult. I had left the touch, but he had began to leak. God, I love a man, the visible sign of his pleasure. as he continues his description of his actions I started rubbing against \\ \\ n his penis with her juice. he was on fire, and her breathing was ragged, if , but still went on to describe what he would do if he the opportunity. I found a little encouragement not lost, so whisperEd, " Why not go to sleep in bed and you can really enjoy a yourself" and as we moved toward the bed, I whispered : "I think you're wonderful as they are sucking these cocks me just fine. I would like to see sucking real, but I do not think you'd do that for me right? Do you ? would you like to suck a dick real to me ? If I find a queue of No, that would suck for me? Suck it off ? therefore, was in his mouth ? O God, just think with a cock in her mouth makes me so wet. O , when we again I will do is called.... what a sweet girl name.... I know.... what about Belle. Due to ring your carillon. And you 'll be my girl. Want you be my girlfriend? " violent wink Robert, as" Yes, "he whispered, and then little by little, was a repeat of the weekend two weeks ago and as he sucked my fingers and sucked his penis and then slowly stroked him to climax said, " Please come in my mouth.... Paul Take it out do not come in my n mouth.. Please? "And when once again they fed him, and when I fed him, the head of his s was up and waiting for his next drink, and once fed him all fall I could find. n BELLE Jennifer Bowman CHAPTER 7 "It is very good for your sperm, " I said to Robert the next day " because you have to get used to it. Last night you said you were going to be my baby would be lovely Belle, so from now on, every time you need to highlight swallow , like my girl. Actually.... maybe not all the time, because I want some too. Sure, provided you do not want there to be n it. " And I said, 'is '. " This is great. "I said. " If I'm going to suck, as I did last night, , and last week.... I could get used to it. In fact.... Women swallow... You do... I do not see a problem. The more I drink I can get more. Yum. " smiled. " Well, actually.... I've been thinking. When you get aroused, but fail to think is the number most of hisThe juice you need, when you come. the next time suck, I think you should look at these faucets and imagine what it will do I'll go with you, but from now on anyone, until I tell you, you can play. " " drink more to come, if I were not so often? Great date. "He had compassion for him It is not clear what was agreed. After breakfast I stood in front of Robert 's computer, tied his hands behind him, and this time a place with two boys, be difficult to fast. " God you're a bitch," I said. " How does it feel like a dog to be? " did not answer, his eyes steady on the screen. And again a touch erection with anyone. Was bigger than before? Could not be sure, but I thought it would. later, after playing with him and licked his fingers and he wanted to come with me, because I wanted to come but did not say how proud he was him. " is one thing you need to know," I said. "Actually, you probably know already, but I do not know, you Preteen Pedo know sucking cock ISN'T on how good it feels with a cock in her mouth.... well, it is, but it is on how well you feel the tap. How long can the chicken before it arrives. And then and only then can you get your reward.... reached a sip nice of his beloved. And to take for every drop we can not lose not a drop. If you love your fans are thick, you enjoy, should enjoy every drop. Even if you stay in it for half an hours after he climaxes. " " Yes, I was thinking about that, and I think it could last forever, "he said. " Soon you'll have your chance to show "he said, noting that even thought that , which was only sucking his thumb. stupid poor boy. belle n Jennifer Bowman CHAPTER 8 the following weekend Robert was very anxious to start and if we got ready again, I told him not to sit on the edge of n the bed, not on the computer. " We have Preteen Pedo reached the following pata of their training, " I said. " We have learn Deep Throat " and produced with a dildo I make my drawer n ". There are lots of different types, sizes and shapes, and a n are the balls of this type, and some are not. I use this, but are not ", I said that this seemed to be much better than say " I just bought you train them to have everything. " " Will you Preteen Pedo show me what they are doing ? "He asked. " Well, why do not you go to see how you're going. You know what they 're doing to me as you, why not the new best friend? " " This is shameful, "he said. " You guys seem to know what to do.... It comes naturally, but... this.... this is my first time. Preteen Pedo a me some hints ? " " Now.... keep it that way.... and stroke it.... Do not forget, the balls.... and then.... and kiss.... Then, lick n in the way then put it in your mouth so..... Do not try to take all at a time.... This is the first time that simple tacticalWhat is your time.... enjoy enjoy really love what you do.... Paul.... and, before you provide what happens, you will be able to take everything. " I realized he was eager to see, as I have shown, and if I gave him the dildo I copied almost perfectly, so much so it was, and a suck eyes closed in a couple of seconds. " tasting ? Finally I asked. " Mmmmm, yes," he said. "I love it. Why do we have this month? Mmmmmm N ?.... Mmmmmm What is a real yet ?..... ¿ I can have a real one ? " "Why what did month ago ? Good question, "I thought as I watched to swallow the dildo. And mocked him, which was even more excited when sucking and moaning. " A real one ? Want a real ? Is my beautiful Belle really want a real? " that tested it to see what was going to say he was always a real device, whether wanted n or not, but I realized that he did not answer the question. Cold feet ? o Paul employs fantasies like sucking a dildo? Then, reluctantly, I said " You know.... that was so good. I feel from what I've come a long way. Sometimes I think.... Well, perhaps fantasize wants a cock in my mouth all day, and then I think : 'Wait a minute, I 'm a.... guy and then I think.... Why do I say this ? does that mean I am gay? Bi -sexual, what do you think when you say this? These guys on the screen. Their tails are so.... when I get home I'm fantasizing about me in bed. are so.... well. But then I think more seriously , and wonder, 'I want a cock ?, a real one ? I Preteen Pedo can not decide mind. " I can this be house so I could suck at home? " " Maybe, " I said, then added:" What I feel when I listen to ? Let You say you look great with a dick in your mouth good. It makes me very wet. could, I think I, is a real highlight. You're so gooooood. Want a ? I do not mind. I'm happy either way, although we might say, to s! Well.... Want to come? I suckbeautiful tail and let out at the same time. And I will gather all the. " Later, when Robert swallowed every drop of their wages and were resting in post -sexual languor, he said: " Belle. You are now my girlfriend and I to dress appropriately. Starting tomorrow, I like wearing makeup. You that? The use of makeup will help you with your imagination, help you find a girl suck a dick real real. He looks great with lipstick sucking cock beautiful. " " I, uh, yeah, I wanna be your girlfriend. But I have my makeup? " " Yes, of course, you. All the girls are wearing makeup. I see now, her painted lips wrapped around a big, beautiful cock. You will look like good. And I wear a bra and Nickers, finally, is to use what a girl and then maybe give him a dress and stockings and all need a good girl. But you're not really a good girl, you're Belle? I think it's really a bit of a bitch. I mean, sucking his boyfriend ' s Dick is one thing, but all that sucking dicks to get your hands..... " " But I love, "said Belle, putting it back was the dildo in her mouth and the entrance s in the fantasy of the moment, not Preteen Pedo sure how real this to get. n so Roberts began training to become Belle finally. and not a moment too Preteen Pedo soon I thought as I prepared for tomorrow. BELLE Jennifer Bowman CHAPTER 9 After breakfast, I had never seen Robert, or Belle, as they now become , and quickly consumed, who had just shaved " So do not we will see her Preteen Pedo whiskers. And you're another wax before so you will at the same time of the eyebrows to a more feminine style and influenced underarm wax as well. In fact, everything comes from below the neck. And after having had the Growing up I'll teach you, not to spoil the form of disappearing without a trace of his penis and testicles line Nickers and so on. " " How do you know.... uh.... stuffed bits end? " " One orf my friends used to have a friend who was a cross dresser, "I lied".... and she told me what he was doing. Now my beautiful bride, first of your makeup. Look in the mirror, because the next time you have to do this on your own. No... Change of plans. I for the first time, so You can see the work completed in the mirror, then the second time, I will show s what to do, then the third time, you will be in your account. " Thirty minutes later, took place. " Preteen Pedo Tie this scarf around your head: "I said," because you still have guys cut their hair. We'll fix that in the future, , but for now let's hide, the male gaze. Now Nickers..... and bra. You can set this from me, for now, but later we will arrive in two or three sets, including silicone bra inserts n weighted to give some kind of and so you can feel what it is to have breasts, but for now, let's fill the bra with these stockings...... Now turn around and look at itself. What do you think ? Not perfect, but for a first, notpoor. Well.... Let's look at this video that I purchased look. It is full of women and men suck lick and suck and then you can "s. After lunch Belle " continue the practice known as Enter the room, I have a surprise to you. " And as we entered the room, I said, " Well, on my knees front of me and I ask my cock. " Belle was not the eyes of my belt, and Preteen Pedo when she knelt in front of vi lick your lips for me. Was it nerves? Or advance? his hands came out and carefully maintained to me had "tail " and has just started they saw in the video and as she had seen me do it for them if they were Robert. I realized she looked at me liked to watch his sucking. and all the while licked and kissed and worshiped said, " it's so big ".... and " so good".... and " Oh, my God.... I I "and " Let me swallow "and" I could do this forever "and n.... And I looked down and once again it was his erection, creating aArdennes in the Nickers and the front of the bulge was wet. "Will you come ?" I asked. "God, yes. ¿ I can go ? " " Not yet, Belle. I'm not ready yet to come, and has not sucked my ball. Remember what I said recently ? Sucking cock is not is of the form you feel good with a cock in the mouth, this is how good it feels the tail. How long can chicken before it arrives. and then, , and only then get your reward.... a nice drink or two of his lover to come. and you need to take every drop, you can not miss a n to fall. If you love your fans are the penis have to enjoy, should have to the last drop. even if you have it for half an hour after he will outstanding. therefore, my sweetness, you can come, yes, but still no. I'll tell you when. " to Belle was on her knees to love my strap-on, my admiration of the belt and started telling me how good my cock tried, how much I loved it in her mouth. So I finally gave up and pushed the bullets on the tape, and custard I had previously loaded in the surplus in the mouth Belle. And though she was clearly surprised by this sudden load of fluid in the mouth not lost a stroke and was sucking until I stopped pressing the balls and the pudding was all in her mouth. " Oh, God. " " Here, look in the mirror. You seed of the mouth, only , sometimes I like. Is not it look good ? "She licked her lips. " Would you come ? " I asked. " Oh, God Yeeessss. Please do. Please, I can go ? " " if n my ​​beautiful Bella. But only if you do it yourself as you are to suck my dick and everything you need to save the seed and feed yourself, Preteen Pedo if finished. and you do not have to waste a drop. thanks " " Oh, thank you very much. not , I promise "I will not waste a drop. " And they did. BELLE Jennifer Bowman CHAPTER 10 The following weekend was a repeat of Sunday with Belle suck and worship my strap-on tol Saturday. On Saturday night he was dropped as a tap, but have not sent them, "That's for tomorrow," I said, and said that tonight was my turn, I let them have all fun to the weeks before, so it was just that I missed.... with tongue. They did a couple of times. At the time we were asleep are exhausted. This morning I showed him how to put makeup on her and reminded him he had to do it myself tomorrow. "We have practice at home next week and practice more, the better become the. Just as you practice with your dick ! " the morning of Sunday, Belle made ​​his own makeup and was a first time most impressed I n. He put on, well, my underwear and asked me. " Absolutely, my beautiful friend, but first I have a different gift for you. " " I can Preteen Pedo aspire to the cock again " " for me, Oh, Lady, you are so good for me. What is it? " " East ". " White.. what is it? " " is to help open so if you lose your virginity, to be ABWe take, and will not hurt. " ", but.... " " You are my friend, right? " " Yes " " And you know how to suck cock, right? " Preteen Pedo " Oh, my God, yes. Suck " " So if you're my friend and my cock would not like my dick in you? Like the Real Girl ? They want to be a real girl, not Belle you? You want my girl, you know, Belle? " " Yeeeesss I wanna be a real girl for you. I wanna be your girlfriend. " " Well, that will help you, my cock does not hurt the elbow for the first time over y touching your toes. "How did I choked her hole and with the butt plug jelly and pushed home. " I want to go all day every day, except when need to go go to the bathroom and when finished will make n " " Facebook Yes, I'm back in. What I can suck your cock please? " " Yes, Bella, now you can Suck My Dick. But this time we want to go to bed , where we can both be comfortable. " Later, much later, I interrupted her ministrations. " Belle ? ""Hmmm ? " " Belle, my love. We have to buy underwear pretty woman is for you. " " Can we do it later? I want to keep you aims. " " No, Belle, we can not. have to go now. But when we come back, I can suck over again and if you're good, I might stop coming. now suppose you can not use the makeup and clothes for children and go as you take your makeup, but can leave Nickers and bra. No one will know that you can use it. " "but" " No one will know. " later, when we went from store to store I have deliberately left out of the Women s Wear, shops and asked what thought of Belle dresses different. "Do you have as that? " And "What about this color? " And "Do you think this would be match" She looked at me like I was crazy. " Well, you're my friend," said. " Do not you think at home, you should prefer girls clothing ? " N " I do not know.... well... uh.... maybe. But just because I 'm your only friend for you. " " of course. Now we want to go here and pants for you. " Wand wandered and looked at all the different clothes and bras Nickers push- up - and chest - and the platform and wire before closing and returned closing and five-way, upper body and clothing leagues inside and " What do you like the style and color you think do you get? " ", and socks, and I an assistant observed the corner of my eye and I scheduled for that, like them to us, I said Hi, how I can help you? " the wizard said, raising an eyebrow at me. " Belle is just trying to mind what kind of bra you should get, not, dear? " N "I... uh huh........ " " Maybe I can help. not seem to have much up top at the moment, so before heading to choosing a bra for her that was a weighted fantastic silicone Preteen Pedo bra insert n, you get some kind of weight and will help you feel you have real breasts. you going to have real breasts ? grow them, is. Go to hormones ? or implants ? I think that the hormones would be are better. more natural, is not it ? to feel growing in the chest. I remember when I was going Preteen Pedo to grow. I look in the mirror every morning , to see how much he had grown and I can remember Pat whenever I could.... in the shower, in bed, in fact, every time you have has an upper portion. God it felt good. And still do. " " I.... Ahhhh.... "When Bella turned to me as if to say 'help'. " Well, never mind. These inserts weighted feel like the real thing. Well, what breast size you have in mind ? They come in all sizes different. For your height and weight I think this must be true, but we can see in the locker room to see how they look, if you have a bra. You do not want your breasts are too big for your height. Do you? Well, Preteen Pedo what style of bra? I do not think that is a mainstay of the Preteen Pedo division is right for you but as they show what has and has not at this time, and you do not want to show the silicone inserts.... "And she laughed".... However, What about this and this and this and.... do not worry About is the color at the moment, only the style and the way they fit. Come, come, and effort to try. " " Bella, why do not I leave you with..... " " Penny. " ".... Penny and I come in half an hour or something? " " I.... Ahhhh.... " " Do not worry. You're safe with me, " said Penny. " My friend dressed in underwear Bra y all the time. I Preteen Pedo guess you have an erection, right? You guys are all the same.. " And what was ido Later, when I returned, Penny said, " I thought I should have the basic black y basic white set and there is a good set of tangerine, fasteners and \\ \\ Nickers n and a string and garter and stockings and belts.... and, oh yes, s it was very hard and leaking badly and there was simply no way he was to get to one of the Nickers in this state, so he was evacuated themselves that although he did lick her juices and so all I have a package that contains panty liners, so they do not stain your Nickers. I hope this was okay? " " Of course. As he did with the.... " " JerkNectar? In fact, very good. He started and took his time, as I Suppose you have been taught, and before I knew it, she moaned and moan and some of the other employees and customers came to see what is the noise was all, and when he had finished, they clapped and someone said that all , said : "Once again I see a over again. " and someone else said, very seriously, " Encore! "and another" Are you doing this every week? Cause n " I missed most of it and want to know if it happens again so you can come and see everything. I love just a guy, and if a men learn to be a woman, well, what I can say ? Do you have a man in the every Saturday ? Sunday? "I was so disappointed when I said " No ". It s almost like we put on a show on stage. " And then there was a pause and said, " I wonder if I should talk about management..... No, forget it. "So Penny looked at me and said, " Actually, I thought I should talk to management. would be an attraction. But then imagine how busand it would be. I had never come home. " When you leave the store, I told Belle, " As I walked through the mall that was thinking of you my friend. Preteen Pedo Will contribute to the up and you just buy some underwear.... I think it must be the Some dresses and high heels, and, probably, yes definitely a wig. in fact that needs the Preteen Pedo next weekend. " " This coming weekend? What's happening this weekend ? You 're making me not go to in the general public, right? " " Mmmmmmm ? No, I do not make you go to the public. This coming weekend. It is only I have a surprise for you. " " surprise? For me? What is it? " " I can not say. It would not surprise if he did. But I know you like it. In fact, you will love it. Now we want to go and get fitted for a dress. Only one is coming for the weekend. " I did not say that this would be the first of many items, they would buy. I figured it was stressed enough and I did not know that they are so stressed, that escaped. N later, at home, with a few drinks, I said to Belle, " How do you feel ? Exhausted ? Tired ? Horney ? " " In fact.... I 'm excited. " " Excited ? " " Now.... everything in the resistance band is a bit unusual for a guy.... If you had told me six months ago I would have to do this I increase you think. Even two or three days I did not think that. But today.... I am very excited about it. ¿ I can try everything, later n ? " " Yes, you need to make sure everything is fine for this weekend. No concern. I will help. But what if.... by now.... Let y quiet.... in bed.... and then, later, you can access everything we've bought, try today. Come on. " And I grabbed Bella's hand and led her into the bedroom. " Tonight, my beautiful Bella, " I said as we pulled each other," I want you to experience , as seems to be a woman, her lover feel inside you. " " OK.... but be gentle with me. This is my first time. " " I know. "N And I was, and he did. belle Jennifer Bowman ChapterER 11 On Saturday we got up early. " I'm glad you thought to have wax yesterday," he said at breakfast. "From now on I want to be regular something. Hairy legs look in stockings and a dress so awful when you Once you have your legs waxed, you wax and nothing.... to get this done. you look so beautiful, bald, feel smooth so no. feels soft ? that could easily handle forever. But no now. now we have to help prepare for your surprise. " When Belle shaved and dressed and make-up I made sure that she s understand how the clothes were important to help a woman feel good n. " If you feel and look good n that good feeling when you feel comfortable with each other is also good. Now, how Preteen Pedo do you feel? " " Good.... but nervous. " " you'll be fine. well, just rang the bell. Come lounge.... I to sit in this chair and put the band around the eyes eyes and not take it off under any circumstances. Otherwise, you will ruin ºs surprise. Get it? " " Uh -huh. " When I saw the front door, I opened my finger on the lips then extended his hand, and my guests gave him a quick kiss on the cheek. " Do you understand what is going to happen? " I whispered. A brief nod, and we were in the living room. " Belle. I have your surprise for you. Remember, you do not have the junction so, not until I tell you. " A short nod then began my guest, rubbed his penis on the face of Belle. Immediately knew what it was, because his mouth was opened immediately , and she took it inside. his hands were in and began to stroke n and then the eggs and then went over her head up and down on it and with a mouthful of cock Belle said : "It feels so wonderful, so great. Am I allowed to take my blindfold off so you can enjoy the sight of him? "Can Do not resist. " When you were little, Belle, not your mother tell Never talk Preteen Pedo with your mouth full? " There was laughter, as I thought it might be, and then I realizedwas because my host and Belle had fun too, rather than spoil the time as I pulled my blindfold Belles.. " You know how I ever asked for is to suck a real cock ? " " Nooooo. " damped. " Of course I know who have done say they want to suck a real dick , but I knew that you have not aspired to one per month, since you came a city life , so I talked to one of the guys at work and so this is Peter, Peter is Peter and Belle said it would suck to their quit. is not this wonderful? is not wonderful, that you stop ? to suck forever as a 'thank you'. " ".... But steamed "while still sucking cock of Peter. Could " Not at a loss. If I told you I Preteen Pedo love Peter Hahn, the home would be two or three guys suck in an afternoon, I loved you so much and said that Peter if they suck it all afternoon. said he knew it would be not quite be the same, but it was good for him if Alright by. Why not open his fly and take off his pants and start enjoy as well as Peter enjoys what you do? " " Oh, that's fine, Belle. You have beautiful hands. Oh, how beautiful iiisssss. O , yes. " " Do not worry about it, Bella, " I said. " He just wants all the boys. All he wants , is a mouth to tail.... Now his balls, Bella, do not forget to his balls.... Now maybe the two together.... How do you feel, Peter?.... " When Belle gently worked on Peter, I could feel myself getting wet. This was something s that is often experienced when I saw Preteen Pedo my love with someone s other, and I confess I had to apologize. to relieve my own stress As I have some little later -Oh, okay, some long time later -. are cock throat with Pedro Pedro Belle hit buried No hard and fast Belle had her arms around his waist and his mouth was Peter stroke to stroke play. and then came Peter, and Peter was moan and groan and Belle so,think I was, and then ran Bella and continued sucking, licking keep doing what you were trained to do : swallow every drop, not wasting a drop. Even when Peter retired, Belle is still losing, now press your penis to make sure I had to s all. Then Peter got dressed and went to the door and I new to Beauty and the bump was huge in her dress, and I had it in my mouth s, and then I checked and was in me, and I was back in the n and I went to his beautiful tail.... and.... aaaaannnnnddddd..... Later, much later, I asked Belle if he had enjoyed. that s I said in one word. "More ? " She said. " Oh, yes, yes, but not be greedy. " I replied. " But along time, we share the boy, we're both in on the curves of your queue. Both get it ready, then you might suck or have you, then I do, " \\ \\ n "apart. right? God, yes," he said. " Well. And honey ? " " Mmmmmm " n "There can bebelieve how good she looked in her beautiful red lips wrapped by Peter Dick. She looked as happy as if he was born, have a cock in her mouth all the time. I was so proud of you as my girlfriend n. But remember. The next time we share. " BELLE Jennifer Bowman CHAPTER 12 The following weekend was Preteen Pedo something of an anti -climax. Belle are increasingly seen as women 's clothes when trained in the ways of women, including some of the things that men were seen subliminal, but not aware of the tricks until it was pointed to dinner.... that looks around as she strokes lost in thought, the root of a glass , and the poor is almost in his mouth for bending something ny gave an good view of her cleavage and pretend that not see his eyes almost out of the head, sat next to the the car, casually stroking his thigh as he has done nothing to build thatbuilding ns, and then withdrew his hand, for a map or to get a tissue or something. Then one day I asked Belle thought I would pass as a woman. " Do you mean in public? " " Yes. " " Yes, I know," he said. N " What do you mean " "We could have some of my friends for lunch and can do " But I think you should try a controlled manner, set first. "- As Belle". suddenly Preteen Pedo stopped. Then, after some thought said, "Maybe you right But what if something.... uh.... What if the imperfections you realize I'm not a girl really.. " " do not you feel, you're a real girl ? " " Well, yes. " " OK. So if you feel as if you were a real girl, they are. But if the worst happens y make a mistake, not a problem. Suffice it to say, dass... I do not know.... you're in a game and the game "is a woman s so that you can practice being a woman. do not worry. because of so if we have to. But you have to get some new clothes. can not be keeping wearing that all the time. " " few? Why? " " So you have the option, depending on weather. Well, next Sunday. I'll see, if I can get all this on Sunday, then we can decide to Saturday in what you do and I did. " BELLE Jennifer Bowman CHAPTER 13 The following Saturday I sent Belle Buy Shopping with instructions to two or three dresses of n dress summer with sleeves and a few others. I showed her some of my clothes so they would know what he meant. " But I have not been tested with their friends, which means that should a go shopping as myself. I have to go as Robert. " " Is this a problem? " " Well, yes. " " Why? " " Well, I'll be a man and say, I want the dress and the seller ask, what size and I will say is, do not know and she will say, who is to and.... and.... I can not say that for me. " " Why not ? " " Now.... I..... ummm.... " " Belle, my love. Listen to me. Do you have any idea how many gramsUys is in drag ? Miles. And when it started, in drag as you think you have the clothes? by in a store and buy it. Some of them went with their friends as we made Preteen Pedo to buy their underwear and some of them were on their own. and all they had to deal with female vendors. Remember, Penny? was not worried when I said I wanted something for lingerie n. In fact, I helped with the installation. Has all sales of women Assistant to the world, will buy at least one man in a dress enter ot something to himself. And if not now, then you will be first. And I can say one thing. Not the last. Anything Not a bit of confidence. Well.... you are my friend? " " Yes " " Will you be my girlfriend? " " Yes " " Do you dress like a girl? " " Yes " " " " Do you feel like a girl? Yes, " " You're a girl ? " " Yes " " Then go out and be a girl, a girl whojust happened to be dressed in clothing of children. Do not worry. Girls wear dresses all the men time. So.... you are a man with clothes for girls. Two or three dresses. Right? " " OK " When Belle returned was much more relaxed. There was a spring in your step.... and smelled different. " sprayed me one of the beauticians This fragrance.... not true smell wonderful.... and they told me if I wanted to find a make-over.... But private would, he could not give a guy a make-over in the store. So I said : "Thanks, but I was other s friend and I am, and I could not believe what I said I was someone who s friend, and the beautician just smiled and said wanted was that s girlfriend was not that good ? and I am. I am your friend and want to change it is , I'm happy as I am. and they said, ' Well, if you change sense of your mind. " and I smiled and said. "I want " and turned and walked away, " While Belle said, seemed to change my feelings, and I was on the GDSand tears. I was so proud that she wanted to find someone she was my girlfriend. I turned around so that she could not see my eyes and said, "Why do not you modeling for me," Half an hour later returned with her ​​makeup and get into the first the clothes he had bought. She looked wonderful, and after each change looked more beautiful than before. " You will be successful tomorrow, " I said. "But what happens now? I think that name the bedroom. I think we have a great day tomorrow, so we an early night. Well, early to bed, anyway. " N BELLE Jennifer Bowman CHAPTER 14 Elf Clock the next morning, the first arrival of my friends and I turned and Belle and it was chaos for a while, and all Kissy Kissy at the door and put my Belle and how each bride Do you accept that she was relaxed and.... Belle. Juliette Then finally arrived and with it, her new boyfriend, WHor vi nervous, especially. And who can blame him? When Juliet showed him where is the bedroom, I said to Belle, " Remember, if you n all the girls and met you were naked? Well, Juliette a new boyfriend and strips to his s like you were. thought it will be a good opportunity for you to be Prove yourself as Belle because everyone will be interested in bits Graham and not notice too much of you. But you have to have n one of the girls and playing with his cock. no, no can do because else could ask everyone what was going on. one might think, , and preferred women in this room with these women who were not good idea. " " Oh. Well.... uh.... I think I have no choice, I'm doing? " " Well, as long have a choice. But after the surprise he gave a few of weeks, I must remind you loved.... n " smiled at the memory. ".... I think you also would like to be one of the girls and play with Graham. But also, if you can do this inand never suspected, not o one really knows who you are. " ", I guess. " " Who's the birthday boy ? I'll tell you later, " I said. Preteen Pedo As Graham re-entered the room, I wanted to cover herself and Juliette whispered and reluctantly took his hands free, and was a repeat of the day Robert was the star : the introduction of any n to Graham and his bit and then was it said Belle hello and I thought his hands were Preteen Pedo a little closer to Graham as each other. and then it was noon, and I realized Belle position as himself, so she was sitting next to Graham and all the food , enjoyed their penis, or were the fuck ?. , other she enjoyed as Robert then after lunch, I got up and said, ".... Graham gives you up to come here please? " He looked like Juliette and reluctantly stood continued," Ladies.... Usually, these meetings is the birthday child whoever gets the gifts, but now is only slightly different. We with us today.... my new friend "And I saw Bella. " It's for the first time one of our meetings CFNM already is, and I hope, I know that it is will be the last. Belle.... Come here..... As I said, it's usually the girl 's birthday present, but this gets you in the girls welcome groups, it is you who is the present "and put his hand on \\ \\ n Graham penis. "Enjoy," he said. " I... I... oh... "And she looked around to all women, and s head was nodding in encouragement as she fell to her knees to before Graham looked at his penis in her astonishment, not its size, I I guess, but because of what he was doing, and a group of other women. Then she began to gently stroke his work and how they worked n to him, I could see his tongue and licked his lips and then, as he had done , since she was the star began singing Get "him. Let's see, shoot. Remove it. Let's see, to shoot. Getting...... " And I wondered what going to do, and then to Preteen Pedo his mouth, vacuuming in the his mouth and kept singing and I thought, that would come in her mouth and then realized the other \\ \\ n Graham wanted to see, which stopped sucking and using her hand and she over, Graham ended the applause and whistles of all the girls. Then, when the noise had subsided, she took her mouth again Graham y sucked and licked clean. " Thanks," he said, looking at me at all. "Thank you. " later went to Juliette and was Graham, like Belle and serves coffee, Sue Ellen, as I knew she had said : " I ​​am not somewhere, Belle ? " look n nervous to me, I ignored the Bella and she said, " Aahhhh.... " " do not tell me.... let me know..... was a Friday night work. took Jenny, Jenny had or was for you. " Then he saw a in me. "Is this Robert, who trained to be.... Belle? Good work, Jen. In fact a great job, Jen. Good student, too. If I had not known I have known. Congratulations to both. " Belle was now due, white with shock, but soon, as if surprise, because all my friends began to applaud. " Well done, Belle "and " You are really beautiful, " and" No I would like to become my friend soft and gentle, so feminine and so like you. Maybe I can get Jenny train "and " We knew that just because Jenny told us. As Sue -Ellen said that if did not know I would not have known. You can go anywhere and will be accepted as a woman ".... and when I hugged her began to mourn. And then she said : " Bugger. Now I have stained my mascara had ", and could not understand why he suddenly Preteen Pedo laughed. And then you have n get the joke and she laughed. n " Jenny says, you have something to teach us. "This n n by Sue - Ellen. " What? ? " " Under the skirt, " I whispered. " Wa.. ? What... " " under the rock. " And then he understood. She shook her head"No! " " Sher, " I said. " They will not mind. " " No, we do not care, "said Sue - Ellen. And then began singing " Show what you have. Show us what you have. Show us..... "N " You want to give some joy to the stress they were under for the past week someone new a few, and n is successful. Further, let us beg. " As much as Belle took off her dress and hung it then turned to my friends of them, exposing his penis and testicles with a band Preteen Pedo and strap tied together their support, so that his balls were but loose were, but moved to the waist, on the screen. as they walked among my friends, serving coffee and caressed each down and enjoyed it, and that in turn, enjoyed what they were doing is. on several occasions she was enjoying what was done to them as while Belle was going to pour the coffee she had to remember. later when away with them, while stroked now breathing very uneven, Barbara asked, "How was the wax? Does it hurt Do you.... You know.... " and raised the n the index finger to simulate a penis erect. at first. It stung a little, but did not hurt. The esthetician waxed all my back first, the legs and buttocks and back I turned to my waxing and y legs abdomen and chest and armpits " brewing and.... " " Yeeessss ? " ", said she left the best to keep, so sprinkled dust on me.... um.... to me then rub it, then put the wax on me, and that was, uh, interesting. that hurt. But it was also very nice, i I guess. and that was very interesting, because before, when he was , where the wax was, you know, RIP, RIP, RIP, but this time it was slow, so slow. she said she did not want to hurt me, but the slow elimination was worse than rapid elimination. in fact.... I think I have to target. " " Did you like ? " " What is pain?.... actually, I do not think so, but I have an erection monster, just as tits... and she said I should be pain, which is like s why I was stiff. " " You give.... " " No, dear, but I did not tell Jenny and I would like Jenny said However, it is obtained, and I would, but I resisted.... " And as everyone applauded. Again, I was proud of Preteen Pedo her, and told him. And then, as I thought they would, said Sue - Ellen, " Well, Jen, that is a suffer, or are you out of your misery? " " What do you think Belle? You want to suffer? Or do you want me to put of their misery ? "" N "I... uh.... Preteen Pedo suffer? What do you mean ? " ", said Sue Ellen, because if you have the wax resist and as were all the girls have massaged the eggs, which are busy and you may want to empty. and view them. want too? n Do you want empty? " " before..... " " Yes. " " But.... ? " " Well? " " OK". And he did. And he helped some of the girls, and as always, do not miss a to go down. " Oh, I like that," someone said. " Lick it up their own mess. "BELLE Jennifer Bowman CHAPTER 15 Now, several months later, Bella has had his full confidence as a young wife. She changed jobs so they could live full time as a woman. most of the night Friday or Saturday we go to nightclubs or dinner and o both of us in the general notes. As promised, we will share cock as much as we can, prepare for one or two, they can have on us. Belle says he was not sure what he likes : the guys in the mouth ot inside, as she calls her " pussy ". And on the rare occasions do points Preteen Pedo in a nightclub, we have each other. I like that, especially as I can with my Belle Correa - in the fun. In my control, she says that it is know what they prefer: the hand strap or a real one. I guess that I know it's real, because the pleasure she gets when her lover is. Lest with a belt. Belle has started taking hormones and her breasts HAVand just started to bloom y has stopped using weighted bra inserts. I think she is also waiting about boys suck her breasts. But I must confess that I very excited about her breasts, so even I can look after them. Imagine: My girlfriend waxed chests and cock and balls, all without problems. The best of both worlds. Yum. END
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